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Buster in Dublin

The success of the weekend away in Barcelona in October was the driving force behind an impromptu trip to Dublin in April. The Geneva weekend-warriors were determined to see what the city had to offer by craming in as much 'culture' (read Guinness) as possible into three days away. Click on the thumbnails to see a larger picture.

Keen to get the pints in, Michael, Mike, Dom and Buster supervise the loading of the supply of Guinness outside the Temple Bar pub, our home-away-from-home for the weekend. Spot the leprechaun in the photo.
Loading up
Unhappy with the progress of the beer loading, Buster takes the bull by the horns...
4 Amigos
Finally inside the Temple Bar pub, but posing for photos without a pint of the black stuff, Buster diplomatically hides his disappointment. Spot leprechaun number two.
Several hours later, we're joined by Adam in a packed-out Zanzibar's. Adam, incognito and deep undercover, happily quaffs his sampler of Guinness whilst Dom and Buster have moved onto shots. The leprechauns are getting bolder, ambling into the foreground of our shots.
Adam, satisfied that the Guinness is up to standard, has moved onto pints whilst Dom is fighting off the jet lag with Vodka/Red Bull and Buster's back on his staple diet of lager. Mike is probably without his usual half of sweet cider. Now we even have female leprechauns!
The following day, after a hearty breakfast, we decide to do the tourist thing. Right - that's Trinity College done, what's next? Ambling back through town, Dom and Michael are distracted. Roll your mouse over the thumbnail to hear this blaspheming!
Another tourist attraction. Apparently, this is an important historic site in Dublin, so we felt obliged to have a look around (and sample what is allegedly the best Guinness in town).
After the refreshing pints, it's a quick clean up and hop into a taxi to join in Dublin's Saturday night fun. Do we look a bit merry? We'll there's no point in rushing things, so we stopped off for swift one (or two) before we hit the town...
Exhausted by our extensive touring, we had dinner at Wagamama's (Japanese - I don't know why either!), followed by a quick round of drinks at Gubu, the trendyest new bar in Dublin.
Much later, we decide to stay on for another round. Totty!
  Another day, another hangover. We fight this one off with a game of pitch and put outside Dublin, before leading Adam back to his ferry and setting off to Johnnie Fox's. This shot does not offer any real evidence of sporting activity - we didn't want any photos on the course in case Tiger Woods wants to steal that perfect swing.
Stretcher bearer
Dom needs some moral and obvious physical support in Johnnie Foxes pub, the weekend having taken its toll.
Enjoying the band at Johnnie Foxes. Turn on your speakers and roll over the image to join in the atmosphere!



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