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Buster at the Oktoberfest

5 million litres of best Bavarian beer in two weeks? Lots of grown men (and women) in silly costumes singing equally ludicrous drinking songs? Sounds like a once-in-a-lifetime event, and when Buster received an invite to stay in Munich during the Oktoberfest, the opportunity was simply too good to be missed. Armed with a curious collection of drinking partners, a fistful of Deutsche Marks, and the new Olympus Mu, Buster set out to cut open the soft underbelly of Bavaria's cultural highlife. The photo-study of progressive drunkenness which follows is the result... click on the thumbnails to see a larger picture.

2 pm
2 O'Clock Entering the Marienplatz, the intrepid gang start confidently.
Left to right: Michael, Petra, Toby, Paul, Patrik and Jay.
3 pm
3 O'clock Toby, Petra Jay and Buster queue to get their hands on the first Stein... but the line doesn't seem to be moving anywhere.
4 pm
4 O'clock We abandon the queue and head towards the Biergarten. Toby takes a seat (prerequisite to being served) whilst Paul and Jay look on glumly. Watch out for the bier-wench, Jay!
5 pm
5 O'clock Toby (several Deutsche Marks lighter) hands out round 1.
6 pm
6 O'clock Petra, Patrik, Richter, Jay Toby and Paul celebrate the end of the long wait with the first of many...
7 O'clock Michael, Petra and Buster are slowly getting into the spirit of things. Prosit!
8 pm
8 O'clock As the first few Steins take effects, Toby begins his usual piss-take, this time aimed at at Patrik's bald-spot.
9 pm
9 O'clock Several Steins later, we abandon the Biergarten as a rainstorm sets in. We head into Munich, but loose Richter in the bogs in the process. Not forgetting Drinking Rule No. 1 (Never Abandon Your Wing Man), Paul guides Michael via his AT&T card to our next Port-of-Call.
10 pm
10 O'clock Michael quickly demonstrates that he was not unsettled by the experience, and without breaking his stride settles in with 3 Bier Monsters. The lads generously cock-block his efforts to spare his shame. Somewhere we lost the women...
11 pm
11 O Clock Another change of venue, to the Industriegebiet, and we've also made a substitution and replaced Petra with Adam. Toby, Paul and Adam show that the effects of a long day are starting to take effect, whilst Patrik shows an alarmingly early need to get naked.
12 am
12 O'clock Several hours later, and another change of venue. Toby (spot the glazed eyes) assists Adam in his self-inflicted Marguerita hell in Americano's, Munich's top latin venue.
1 am
1 a.m. Our resident professor of history demonstrates Pagan mating rituals to an unsuspecting Munich public.
2 am
2 a.m. Sleeping Beauty


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