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Buster in Australia, 2005.

Petra and I spent a month in Australia in December 2005, visiting new emigré Andy and the South East corner of this vast country. This page is a photographic summary.

First off, let's get past the clichés. Australia is a land of:


Roos Open spaces more Roos Cricket Poms

And now the tour. The photo album (flowing left-to-right and then top-t- bottom) follows our trip chronologically around the country. The route was Hunter Valley, Sydney, Blue Mountains, Great Ocean Road to Melbourne, Adelaide, Cairns and finally Brisbane.


Hunter Valley Sydney Harbour Bridge From the top! Blue Cod Scorpion fish
Blue Mounts Lizards! Valley of the waters Another lizard 3 sisters
Wentworth Falls Great Ocean Road 12 Apostles Island Archway Melbourne Skyline
Mossmann Gorge Parrot Kurunda Falls Emu Tellytubby


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