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Buster's archived ski page
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Mini Me
  It all started for Buster in the formative years of the late 1970s. Here I am in 1981 practising air-time in the Lac des Vaux in Verbier. Of course the jump looks big, but don't forget I am probably only about three feet tall myself. Check out that outfit! Those tight pants! That Stenmark hat!
  Nonchalent tourists pose on the Mer de Glace glacier, opposite the Salle a Manger (the dining room, where you stop for lunch) on the Vallee Blanche descent. This is a 21km run from the Aiguille de Midi down to Chamonix, best attempted only in good weather.
3 Amigos
Rare promotional shot of little known 80s pop trio "The Snow Canons" from the top of Mont Gelé
Michael and Dom basking in the sunshine on Creblet above Verbier. Creblet is a well kept secret, and a spectacular final descent of the day into Verbier. First you observe the sunset across the valley and then race to beat the sundown, destination the Mont Fort Pub!
Mirrors Image?
Mark and Michael show contrasting styles but similar concentration on the Mont Gelé mogul field.

Little Jimmy leads Chuck and the posse through the Grand Montets glacier. Spot the soiled brown underpants discarded in the background.

Yellow Bird
Michael, who is notorious for sleeping with his skiis, demonstrates a succesful method to avoid wearing out the soles.
Cool Shades
Buster enjoying the sunshine above Ruinettes in Verbier.
Proving we are not just fair weather skiiers, Adam shows how it is done in Champery's powder.
Fearless Adam chooses not to heed the warnings at the top of the Grand Montets. Please do not confuse this sign with the entrance to La Crevasse nightclub in Champery!
Mirror 2

Left: Another sunset pose from Dom and Michael on Creblet in Verbier.
Right: The Gurney's admire the view half way down the Vallee Blanche. This run is surrounded by some of the best scenery in the world.

Thanks, Photoshop
Two lords a leapin': Michael and Buster take the quick run home to the pub. This time, the chosen drinking hole is somewhere below Argentieres in the Chamonix valley.
Spectacular sunset across the Val de Bagnes from Verbier. I think this time it was after dark before we got to the pub!

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