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Buster's guide to Heidelberg

I've moved from Heidelberg now, so this page is just for nostalgia...

This is Heidelberg's famous castle, with the Alte Brucke (the Old Bridge) in the foreground which crosses the Neckar river into the Altstadt (old town). 

The castle is what every tourist comes to Heidelberg to visit, although it is half-ruined (after the French sacked Heidelberg in the last war they won, some time in the Middle Ages). 

Although the castle is worth a visit, I personally prefer the old town itself which boasts some great cafes, restaurants and bars.  But then maybe that's because I've been dragged around the castle by dozens of visitors.

  The hill behind the Castle rises about 500m to the Königstuhl, a favourite biking venue and viewpoint. My old flat was about a twenty minute walk from this point, either along the Neckar River, or for a better view, slightly higher up the river bank along the Philosophenweg. I have since move out into the countryside.

Right: The gateway to the Altstadt, which stands at the end of the cobbled Alte Brucke and leads towards the Marktplatz. This gate is a starting point for a good night out!

My favorite Thai restaurant is in the small square behind this tower. On the other side of the square is Napper Tandies, one of several Irish bars in Heidelberg. Napper Tandies was run by a certain Mrs. Adcock (no relation): my claim to a family connection has failed to provide any rounds on the house. I do get good service though!

Not all bars in Heidelberg are Irish - There are a number of great bars which sell local beers. Just down the road from the gate is Vetters, a brewery which specialises in their own home brews as well as traditional food - bratwurst, sauerkraut and so on. My favourite is a pan of 24 sausages served with fried potatoes - and that's for one person!

A view of the Old Town from the grounds of the Castle. The Alte Brucke is visible on the right. The Old Town is about one mile long, with the Haupstraße running its length. The end of the Hauptstraße is marked by the Heiligeistkirche, or the Church of the Holy Ghost in the centre of this picture, which sits on one end of the Marktplatz. The Marktplatz is filled with cafes and bars: it's often the final destination of mountainbike rides! 

My old flat is just out of view, hidden behind the small rise at the top right of the picture.

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