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Bike to work?

When I moved house in 2000, I decided to start biking to work every day. This started a pseudo-religious conversion, such that I am now something of a bike-to-work zealot (read bike nazi). For me, the benefits are simple: I exercise instead of commuting, I'm wide awake once I get to work, I'm saving money, but most important of all, I forget all the daily work bullshit on the way home.

In terms of organisation, its pretty easy. In my opinion, essentials include:

You need to plan ahead a little. I have a shower room at work where I can leave shoes, trousers, a towel and a wash kit. I bring in fresh underwear daily in a small backpack. I can manage a shirt too if folded carefully and placed in a plastic bag. Dirty laundry comes home with me at night. I ride throughout the year - the only weather that stops me is dense fog or frozen roads (too dangerous, not too cold!). Bad weather is offset by good clothing! My bike is an old aluminium hardtail, which is slowly being converted to a commuting-specific bike as parts wear out. This mountain bike has the advantage of robustness and hence reliability without a big weight penalty (approx 11kg). Specifically, I have: The first year of commuting in Germany was a 12 kilometer ride in each direction, which in year one amassed the following facts n' figures:

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